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The Science of Sewage

Eugene C. Cole, DrPH – The Cleaning Industry Reasearch Institute – Fall 2018

Community wastewater has never been more hazardous. Thus, those impacted by sewage backflows or sewage-contaminated flood waters, as well as those who are engaged in the remediation of sewage contamination, require the latest science-based information necessary to implement appropriate approaches to health protection….

ATP as a Marker for Surface Contamination

Eugene C. Cole, DrPH – Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene – Spring 2013

School environments are a particular concern related to adverse health effects, as well as the potential for poor indoor environmental quality, which can compromise the learning process of students…. ATP has historically been used successfully as an important marker for the detection and quantification of pollutant loads of biological origin and overall cleanliness in the food production and food service industries, and it had been recently confirmed as a representative marker for detection of levels of surface contamination in hospital settings….

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