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Aerosol Surface Disinfection in a Pandemic World: Gas/Vapor-Phase Biocides, Fogging, and Electrostatic Spraying

Eugene C. Cole, DrPH – The Cleaning Industry Research Institute – Summer 2020

In the midst of the current human coronavirus pandemic, many building cleaning and sanitation practices and protocols have been improved in quality and frequency; they have also been upgraded from the use of anti-bacterial sanitizer products to more broad-spectrum disinfectants, capable of inactivating a variety of bacterial, fungal, and viral human pathogens. That has raised the question of the effectiveness of those disinfectants as gas-phase, vapor-phase, or fogging biocides because disinfection via the aerosol route can readily reduce the time and cost of application. The question remains, however: Can aerosol disinfection achieve the same or higher level of infectious disease risk eduction as the manual application of those products?….

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