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COVID-19 Response

LRC is considered an essential service and will continue to provide all of our regular services, with the addition of Cleaning Validation ATP Testing conducted post-cleaning in commercial and residential buildings.
More information and service descriptions below.


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The Pandemic Challege slideshow was recently presented by our head of research, Dr. Eugene Cole. Topics covered include information on viruses, infection and disease, pandemics throughout history, and COVID-19.


The COVID-19 Human Coronavirus is an enveloped, single-stranded RNA virus, very similar to the SARS-CoV virus from 2002-2003. Previous research showed that animal coronaviruses could survive from 5-28 days on hard surfaces, depending upon air temperature and RH (Casanova et al, 2010); and a more recent study has confirmed that COVID-19 can survive up to 2-3 days on plastic and stainless steel, 4 hours on copper, and up to 24 hours on cardboard (van Doremalen,et al, 2020). While studies on coronavirus survival on fabric are scant, data show survival on cotton cloth for only one hour (Lai et al, 2005).

Casanova LM, Jeon S, Rutala WA, Weber DJ, Sobsey MD (2010). Effects of air temperature and relative humidity on Coronavirus survival on surfaces. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, May, 2712-2717.

van Doremalen N, Bushmaker T, Morris DH, Holbrook MG, Gamble A, Williamson BN, Tamin A, Harcourt JL, Thornburg NJ, Gerber SI, Lloyd-Smith JO, de Wit E, Munster VJ (2020). Aerosol and surface stability of HCoV-19 (SARS-CoV-6 2) compared to SARS-CoV-1. New England Journal of Medicine, Mar 17. doi: 10.1056/NEJMc2004973. [Epub ahead of print]

Lai MYY, Cheng PKC, Lim WWL (2005). Survival of Severe Acute Respiratory Coronavirus. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 41:e67-71.


Cleaning Validation ATP Testing

LRC is equipt to assess weather cleaning and disinfection has been acheived through comparing ATP swab results to our data set of thousands of previously collected samples across a variety of surface materials.

Our inspection includes the following:

1. Visual inspection of the cleaned area(s)

2. Measure temperature and relative humidity indoors and outdoors.

3. Collect representative samples using ATP swabs.

4. Analyze samples using a novaLum-11-X and record the RLU results.

5. Provide a written report interpreting the test results in comparison to the LRC ATP baseline of post-cleaning results.

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